Why certify with GCS

When selecting your auditor or certifier, please consider the following questions.


What sort of auditor do you prefer?

  1. One that accepts your way of managing your business and can adapt to your type of Management System?
  2. One who is happy with everything you do and never raises any non-compliances even when you know that your system has holes in it?


Are you committed to your Policy Statement?

Are you confident that your Management System is achieving all of your policies?

Are you concerned that you may not "pass" the audit if you have a different auditor?

Your auditor must be someone you can work with and use to assist you with achieving an effective Management System.

Your auditor needs to understand your industry and your methods, so that they can help you identify opportunities for improvement.

Your auditor should be able to question your system, highlight where improvements would be beneficial and have the ability to tell you that parts of your system are irrelevant or unnecessary.

To find out if a GCS auditor will suit your needs, please contact us.If you are already certified and would like to consider swapping your certification to GCS, please contact us. This is an easy process that can be done at any time within the 3 year certification period.