The Certification Process

Each of our clients have unique assessment requirements and we tailor our assessments to suit their needs.

The certification process follows the general steps below. The certification process is based on a 3-year programme. A detailed report is provided after each assessment.


A GCS Assessor will repsond to your enquiry and discuss your requirements. Where ever possible, we will visit your site to ensure we gain a good understanding of your operations. This also allows you to meet the assessor and establish a working relationship.

Fixed Fee Proposal 

The GCS will provide you with a fixed fee proposal covering each stage of the certification programme. The assessments can be scheduled as soon as the proposal is accepted.

Preliminary Assessment 

The Preliminary Assessment includes a complete review of your documented Management System to ensure that it meets the requirements of the standard and reflects the scope of certification. A visit to your site is also usually included to confirm that the internal audit and management review processes are adequate and to confirm the overall preparedness for the Certification Assessment.

Certification Assessment 

The On-Site Certification Assessment will verify the level of compliance to procedures and the effective implementation of the system against the requirements of the standard. This is done through a process of reviewing relevant records and interviewing the various staff members as necessary to provide sufficient evidence of Compliance. Any non-compliances will be discussed with you during the assessment and agreed on at the conclusion of the assessment.

Certification Review and Decision 

Following the completion of the certification assessment process and when there are no Major non-compliances outstanding, all assessment documentation is peer reviewed for final approval and issue of a certificate.


If, for any reason, notification is given which may result in a Certificate not being issued, being suspended or withdrawn, the client has the right to appeal. Notification of the intention to appeal must be made in writing and received by GCS within seven days of receipt of notification of the non-issue, suspension or withdrawal of the certificate. An Appeals form will then be sent to the Client for completion and must be returned with supporting facts and data to GCS within 14 days of receipt. The appeal will then be forwarded to a sub-committee of the GCS Certification Advisory Council for review and final decision. Further detail on this process is available from GCS.

Surveillance Assessments 

Surveillance assessments are conducted to verify the continual and effective implementation of your management system. These will be done at a frequency of 6 to 12 months, depending on your level of Compliance.

Triennial Re-Certification Assessment 

The certification remains valid, subject to satisfactory surveillance assessment, for a period of three years. To ensure the continuity of certification, a re-certification assessment will be conducted prior to the certificate expiry date.

Communication and Feedback 

GCS is very keen to have feedback from all clients and certification users. Any feedback, both positive and negative, can be communicated to GCS via our Contact Us or Online Enquiry pages and, where required, will be responded to within 7 days. If our response to feedback is unsatisfactory, clients are then welcome to communicate directly with our Accreditation Body, JAS-ANZ.